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Introduction to Data Management Systems QQI 4

Programme Aim
Through understanding the uses of database, spreadsheet and graphics software and the terminology and language appropriate to each, this programme module aims to provide the learner with the personal knowledge, skills and capacity to effectively use a range of these common computer applications.

Target Award

QQI Office Skills – 4M2070

Start Date: 25-09-2023 Hours/week: 03 Hrs 30 Mins Duration: 19 weeks


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Education Requirements
No formal education or qualifications are required although applicants may have participated in primary and secondary education. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate a standard of knowledge, skill and competence equivalent to NFQ Level 3 when accessing a Level 4 programme.

Age Requirements
Please see course details for minimum age requirements.

For further information on Learner Profile please refer to relevant section of the Programme Descriptor.

Learning Aptitude
Applicants must have a motivation to learn, an interest in the subject and the ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies set out in the course.

Previous Experience
Applicants must be able to demonstrate a moderate range of knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the course, be able to work with responsibility and demonstrate the ability to work on their own initiative.

Module Award Body
Computer Applications (4N1112) Computer Applications (4N1112) QQI
Learning Outcomes
1. Explain database and how database systems are used in organisations.
2. Describe the structure of a database
3. Describe the structure of a spreadsheet
4. Identify applications suitable for spreadsheets
5. Identify applications suitable for graphics software
6. Use the terminology appropriate to database software, spreadsheet software and graphics software accurately.
7. Use database software to create a database file to include enter and edit data, add new
records, delete individual records, add new field to existing record and save.
8. Use spreadsheet software to create a spreadsheet to include enter and edit numeric and
character data.
9. Modify a spreadsheet by inserting and deleting rows and columns, adjusting column widths and formatting column entries.
10. Use graphics software to create drawings to include clipart, colour, shape, size, text, enhance text
11. Operate the database effectively by browsing, querying and sorting the database on a single field.
12. Apply a range of formulae and functions over a range of cells using relative cell references to include mathematical operators, SUM and AVERAGE functions.
13. Produce a hard copy of drawings modified using colour, shape and size.


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Course Contact:
Mary Upton


051 393794