Parttime Classroom Generic programmes and qualifications

Literacy Skills – Reading QQI Level 2

Aim of the Programme Module:

To enhance the learner’s reading skills and apply those skills to familiar tasks and contexts.
This programme modules aims to recognise the learner’s existing skills and to enhance their
reading skills through applying them to familiar tasks in a supported context.

Objectives of the Programme Module:

To provide the learner with the confidence and ability to read independently some
commonly-used text.

To assist the learner to decode and understand the key points of the text.

To assist the learner to develop the basic literacy and numeracy skills related to reading
through the medium of the module themes and content.

To enable the learner to learn how to learn in a well- structured and supervised

Target Award

QQI General Learning – P2GL0

Start Date: 03-09-2024 Hours/week: 02 Hrs 30 Mins Duration: 38 weeks


Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Education Requirements
No formal education or qualifications are required although applicants may have participated in primary and secondary education. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate a standard of knowledge, skill and competence equivalent to NFQ Level 1 when accessing a Level 2 programme.

Age Requirements
Please see course details for minimum age requirements.

Learning Aptitude
Applicants must have a motivation to learn, an interest in the subject and the ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies set out in the course.

Previous Experience
Applicants must be able to demonstrate an elementary range of knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the course and be able to work under direction.

Module Award Body
Reading Reading (M2C01) QQI
Learners will be able to:

1. Read familiar words that are commonly used and personally relevant e.g., read a list of items
relating to a personal interest/sport/hobby.

2. Use simple rules and text conventions to support meaning e.g., punctuation, common

3. Interpret different forms of writing and text, including social sight signs and symbols e.g.,
common formats of bills, menus, forms, timetables, road and other signs, simple food
preparation instructions, short piece of personally relevant writing.

4. Find key information from different forms of writing e.g., locating factual information in
forms/bills, time and dates of appointments.

5. Use reading strategies e.g., clues, context, sound, prediction and decoding.


Wexford College of FET


Whitemill Industrial Estate , Clonard Road, Wexford, Y35XR22


  • Free Parking
  • Wheel Chair Access
  • Full Canteen
  • Tea/Coffee Making

Contact Details

Course Contact:
Siobhan Connors