Parttime Classroom Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Multimedia WTS

The aim of this programme is to enable learners to choose various IT modules within, office productivity, software development and IT maintenance, security and network support at an introductory/associate level within a blended learning environment.

Target Award

MICROSOFT Microsoft Office Specialist – MOSC09

Start Date: 13-05-2024 Hours/week: 15 Hrs 00 Mins Duration: 52 weeks

Education Requirements
No formal education requirements

Age Requirements
Applicants for the programme must have reached statutory school leaving age.

Learning Aptitude
Learners should have an interest in Information technology and be interested in progressing within the productivity, software development of IT Security strands of Information technology.

Learners should have the ability to take initiative for their own learning in a facilitated learning environment and be able to set individual learning goals.

Must be numerate & literate, Interested in Lifelong learning, Ambitious to succeed in Information Technology Sector, Good communication skills both written and verbal.

Learners should have some previous knowledge in using computers and familiarity with the internet and email.

Both verbal and written English language skills are essential

Previous Experience

Module Award Body
ICDL – Data Protection Data Protection (ICDL) (ICDL-14) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Computer Essentials Computer Essentials (ICDL) (ICDL-01) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Online Essentials Online Essentials (ICDL) (ICDL-02) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Spreadsheets (Essentials) Spreadsheets (ICDL) (ICDL-04) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Presentation Skills (Advanced) Advanced Presentation (ICDL) (ICDL-18) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Image Editing Skills (Professional) Image Editing (ICDL) (ICDL-10) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Using Databases Using Databases (ICDL) (ICDL-06) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – 2D CAD (Professional Skills) 2D CAD (ICDL) (ICDL-13) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – IT Security (Professional) IT Security (ICDL) (ICDL-07) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Online Collaboration Online Collaboration (ICDL) (ICDL-08) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Web Editing Web Editing (ICDL) (ICDL-11) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Advanced Word (Advanced Skills) Advanced Word (ICDL) (ICDL-15) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Advanced Spreadsheets Advanced Spreadsheets (ICDL) (ICDL-16) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Advanced Databases (Advanced Skills) Databases (Advanced) (ICDL) (ICDL-17) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Advanced Presentation (Advanced Skills) Advanced Presentation (ICDL) (ICDL-18) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Data Protection Data Protection (ICDL) (ICDL-14) ICS SKILLS
ICDL – Computer Essentials Computer Essentials (ICDL) (ICDL-01) ICS SKILLS
Engage effectively in personal career preparation and planning for the Information Technology sector in a facilitated, self directed learning environment.


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