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Skills To Compete – Bus Driving Category D Licence Blended

The aim of the course:

This course will provide the learners with the skills and related knowledge in the rules of the road, driving a LPSV, customer service, documentation, first aid, manual handling and fire safety, digital tachograph and technical standards and to develop their attitudes, personal effectiveness, and job seeking skills which will enable them to obtain employment driving LPSV’s.

Employability Statement:

This course has been designed to provide business with personnel who are skilled as Class D licensed drivers of LPSV’s (Large public service vehicles) and Driver CPC certification. (Driver certificate of professional competence).

Target Award

RSA (Road Safety Authority) Driving Licence Category D – RSA-D

Start Date: 18-09-2023 Hours/week: 31 Hrs 15 Mins Duration: 12 weeks


Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Education Requirements
Junior Certificate standard or its equivalent

Age Requirements
Applicants must have reached the statutory school leaving age.

Learning Aptitude
A good standard of written and spoken English is essential in order to successfully complete this course and the associated assessments. The ability to correctly interpret and respond to written English instruction is essential for both the assessment and tuition elements of this programme.

Spatial aptitude
Good hand/eye co-ordination
Good manual dexterity skillsGood numeracy skills

Previous Experience
Class B Category Driving Experience

Special Requirements
Full current Category B Driving Licence required.
Provisional current Category D Driving Licence required

Module Award Body
Career Planning And Job Seeking Skills
Manual Handling And Fire Safety
Digital Tachograph For Lpsv’S Digital Tachograph (CILT-DT) CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
Documentation For Lpsv’S
Technical Standards For Lpsv’S
Customer Service – Bus Driving
Work Experience – Bus Driving
RSA – Driver CPC Training Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) RSA (Road Safety Authority)
First Aid Responder (PHECC) First Aid Response (FAR) PHECC
CPC – Bus Driving Driving Licence Category D (RSA-D) RSA (Road Safety Authority)
On completion of the training programme learners will be able to:-

1- Induction Bus Driving

Understand the guidelines on safety, local centre rules and regulations, personal welfare and learning techniques, to create and develop an awareness of environmental issues within the workplace and the various sectors of industry, to develop and apply a positive attitude toward equal opportunities.

2- Manual Handling and Fire Safety

Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and competencies to manually lift and move objects and loads safely. Also to deal with fire on an emergency basis. Know how to explain and emphasise the danger of fire, the importance of prevention and the necessity of urgent action when fire breaks out.

3- First Aid Response

Demonstrate the knowledge, skill and competence to be a First Aid Responder

4- Driving Bus Category D

Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to drive the vehicle in accordance with the road traffic acts and manufacturer’s specification for operation.

5- CPC
Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop Eco Driving techniques, Optimise fuel consumption, Minimise risks, understand Health and Safety Issues, provide excellent customer care. Also to understand EU driver hour regulations, the consequences of Harsh braking cornering and acceleration.

6- Digital Tachograph for LPSV’s

Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to understand EU regulations governing tachograph, how to convert local time to (UTC), insert a drivers card into the vehicle unit, understand operational principles of the tachograph unit, interpret, download and analyse data.

7- Documentation for LPV’s

Understand the regulations and procedures governing licensing and road passenger transport operations

8- Technical Standards for LPSV’s

Understand operating emergency exits, EU directive 2001/85, legal markings and equipment that must be carried to ensure safety of passengers.

9- Customer Service- Bus Driving

Demonstrate the knowledge the skills to effectively deliver quality customer service and successfully represent the business

10- Career Planning & Job Seeking Skills – Bus Driving

Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to plan and achieve realistic work goals.

11- Work Experience – Bus Driving

Develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes in a real work environment allied to their chosen occupation.


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