Fulltime Classroom Business and administration and law

Skills To Compete – Legal Administration Support (Online)

The aim of the course is to provide learners with the skill, knowledge and competencies to understand legal practices and procedures, perform audio transcription & text production tasks, and communicate effectively within a legal administration environment.

Start Date: 29-01-2024 Hours/week: 31 Hrs 15 Mins Duration: 20 weeks

Education Requirements
Applicants should have achieved a minimum of a QQI Level 4 Major Award or its equivalent

Age Requirements
Applicants must have reached the current statutory school leaving age

Learning Aptitude
Good numerical and communication skills are essential, including verbal and written command of the English language. Good organisational skills and a capacity to work under pressure essential.

Previous Experience
No previous experience required.

Module Award Body
Text Production – 5N1422 Text Production (5N1422) QQI
Audio Transcription-5N1549 Audio Transcription (5N1549) QQI
Legal Practice And Procedures 5N1394 Legal Practice & Procedures (5N1394) QQI
Career Planning And Job Seeking Skills
On successful completion of the training course learners will be able to:

1-Text Production-
Produce a range of documents to a mailable standard, within a minimum speed of 35
words per minute.

2- Audio Transcription
Perform audio transcription tasks, using a range of input devices, to produce mailable
standard documents.

3- Legal Practice and Procedures
Appreciate the role of law in a range of vocational context and within their personal lives.


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