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Skills To Compete – MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) – Short Course

The purpose of this course is to equip the learners with the knowledge skills and competence to operate an MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) safely and correctly in accordance with the Manufacturer’s handbook

Start Date: 10-06-2024 Hours/week: 31 Hrs 15 Mins Duration: 2 weeks

Education Requirements
Learners do not need any previous formal qualification

Age Requirements
Candidates must be over 18 years of age.

Learning Aptitude
• Good Hand/Eye Co-ordination
• Good spatial aptitude

Previous Experience
No previous experience required.

Module Award Body
RTITB – MEWP – Boom-Lift Cherry Picker RTITB Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck (RTITB-VMLT) RTITB
On successful completion of the training course learners will be able to:

1.Operate a MEWP safely and correctly in accordance with the Manufacturer’s handbook
2.Clearly understand the causes of instability while operating a MEWP
3.Be able to carry out correctly, a pre-use inspection of the MEWP
4.Work safely at height
5.Understand fully the procedures for the emergency lowering of the MEWP in the event of an emergency


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