Introduction to Women’s Hairdressing

The aim of the course is to provide learners with the knowledge, skills, and competence to enter the world of hair styling and colouring on women, developing a range of complex hairdressing skills in a salon environment to help prepare them for a career in the hairdressing industry.

Start Date: 13-08-2023Hours/week: 31 Hrs 15 MinsDuration: 23 weeks


Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Education Requirements
While there are no specific entry requirements, centres must ensure that learners have the academic ability to successfully complete the programme. Junior Certificate or similar.

Age Requirements
Must have reached the statutory school leaving age.

Learning Aptitude
Good Eye/ Hand Co-ordination
Good Finger Dexterity, i.e. be able to use hairdressing tools and equipment in a safe manner with both hands at the same time when working with hair

Previous Experience

Module Award Body
Provide Scalp Massage Services Provide Scalp Massage Services L2 (3002-215) City & Guilds
The Art of Dressing Hair The Art of Dressing Hair (L2) (3002-209) City & Guilds
C&G – Working in the Hair Industry Working in the Hair Industry L2 (3002-201) City & Guilds
C&G – Follow Health & Safety Practice in the Salon Follow Health & Safety Practice in the Salon L2 (3002-202) City & Guilds
C&G – Client Consultation for Hair Services Client Consultation for Hair Services L2 (3002-203) City & Guilds
C&G – Shampoo and Condition Hair and Scalp Shampoo & Condition the Hair & Scalp (3002-204) City & Guilds
C&G – Plaiting and Twisting Hair Plaiting & Twisting Hair (L1) (3002-105) City & Guilds
C&G – Colour and Lighten Hair Colour & Lighten Hair L2 (3002-207) City & Guilds
C&G – Perm and Neutralise Hair Perm & Neutralise Hair (L2) (3002-208) City & Guilds
On successful completion of the Training Course, learners will be able to:
1- Working in the hair industry
Understand the requirements for working in the hairdressing industry.

2- Follow health and safety practice in the salon
Understand the main provision of the Health and Safety at Work Act, employers’ and employees’ responsibilities, hazards and risk and emergency procedures requirements to maintain health, safety and security practices in the salon.

3- The Client consultation for hair services
Understand the methods of communication required to obtain information and provide advice for a variety of salon services and products by analysing factors that may limit or prohibit them.

4- Shampoo and condition the hair and scalp
Select suitable products and understand how shampooing and conditioning affects the hair and scalp. Develop the skills in the use and control of water flow and the application of massage techniques for shampooing and conditioning.

5- Colour and lighten hair
Select suitable application methods, choose suitable products, work safely and efficiently, change hair colour using basic techniques and to give aftercare advice.

6- Perm and neutralise hair
Select suitable winding techniques and products to perm and neutralise hair.

7- The Art of Dressing Hair
Demonstrate how styling the hair affects the hair structure, how humidity affects the resulting style when styling and dress women’s hair using basic techniques.

8- Provide scalp massage services
Select suitable massage techniques, equipment, products when carrying out scalp massaging services

9- Plaiting and Twisting Hair
Carry out basic techniques of plaiting and twisting hair to decorate the plaits and twists using a range of materials to achieve a finished look.

10- Work Experience
Demonstrate a broad range of occupational competencies in a real work environment.


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