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Skills To Compete – Beauty Therapist Traineeship

The aim of this programme is to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence to work independently and or in a supervisory capacity to provide specialist beauty and body therapy treatments in a variety of contexts and or to progress to higher education and training.

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Target Award

ITEC Diploma in Beauty Specialist Treatments (L2) – 601/0588/4

Start Date: 16-04-2023Hours/week: 31 Hrs 15 MinsDuration: 56 weeks
Education Requirements
Either of the following is essential:

Educated to Leaving Certificate standard, ideally with Biology or a relevant Science Subject


Previously achieved a Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) or equivalent.


Previously achieved an ITEC/CIBTAC module in the area of Beauty Therapy.

Age Requirements
Applicants must have reached the current statutory school leaving age.

Learning Aptitude
Demonstrate evidence of an interest in and knowledge of the industry.

Good verbal and written command of the English language is required.

Ability to apply themselves to practical tasks.

Good concentration also required as is an ability to study and focus on learning.

Previous Experience
Not necessary but any previous experience in a salon is an advantage.

Module Award Body
Holistic Massage – Traineeship Diploma in Holistic Massage (100/2404/9) ITEC
Facial Electrical Treatments – Traineeship Diploma in Facial Electrical Treatments (100/2588/1) ITEC
ITEC – Follow Health & Safety Practice in the Salon Follow Health & Safety Practice in the Salon (R/600/8763) ITEC
ITEC – Salon Reception Duties Salon Reception Duties (A/600/8773) ITEC
ITEC – Client Care and Communication in Beauty Related Industries Client Care & Communication: Beauty-Related (A/601/4458) ITEC
ITEC – Explore the Origins of Massage & Principles of CAAM Working in Beauty Related Industries (T/601/5642) ITEC
Display Stock to Promote Sales in a Salon Display Stock to Promote Sales in a Salon (J/600/8761) ITEC
ITEC – Provide Thermal Auricular Therapy Provide Thermal Auricular Therapy (A/601/4220) ITEC
Provide Self Tanning Provide Self Tanning (R/601/4465) ITEC
Provide Facial Skincare Provide Facial Skin Care (A/601/3987) ITEC
Provide Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments Provide Eyelash & Brow Treatments (F/601/3554) ITEC
Apply Make-up Apply Make-up (J/601/4222) ITEC
Provide Manicure Treatments Provide Manicure Treatments (T/601/4569) ITEC
Provide Pedicure Treatments Provide Pedicure Treatments (R/601/4448) ITEC
Remove Hair Using Waxing Techniques Remove Hair using Waxing Techniques (J/601/3555) ITEC
Spa treatments Diploma in Spa Treatments (500/9616/3) ITEC
Epilation Certification in Epilation (L3) (500/9529/8) ITEC
ITEC – Indian Head Massage Indian Head Massage (T/617/0224) ITEC
On successful completion of the training programme, trainees will be able to:

1- ITEC Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Specialist Treatments
Provide Beauty Specialist treatments by performing:

a) Facial skincare to include performance of a full facial, including lash and eyebrow treatments

b) Make-up application to include the understanding of face shapes and full make-up application

c) Manicure to include care of the nails, hand massage and application of polish

d) Pedicure to include care of the nails, foot massage and application of polish

e) Removal of hair using hot and cool waxing techniques

f) Salon reception duties

2-ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Facial Electrical treatments
Provide Facial Electrical Treatments- to include preparing the client, checking for contraindications and setting up and using brush cleanse, micro-current, high frequency, faradic, galvanic, vacuum suction and heat treatments

3- ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage
Provide Massage treatments by performing:
a) Consultation techniques – to include understanding the needs of clients and when and when not to treat them, contraindications, referral procedures explaining possible contra-actions and providing aftercare and home care advice

b) Health, safety and hygiene – contextualised to the environment in which the Learner is working

c) Holistic Massage techniques – to include selecting a suitable massage medium for the client’s skin type, classical massage movements and adapting the treatment to the client’s specific needs

4- ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Spa treatments
Provide Spa treatments to the general public and to gain employment in the Spa Industry by performing:

a) Consultation techniques – to include treatment plan and contraindications and contra-actions,
identifying general body types, different types of body fat and common postural faults, carrying out
skin analysis and identifying skin types and conditions

b) Indian Head Massage – to include the use of techniques such as classical Indian Head Massage
movements, massage mediums and adapting the treatment to the clients’ specific treatment

c) Massage techniques – to include the classical massage movements, use of different massage
mediums, mechanical massage and pre-heat treatments and adapting the massage to suit the
clients’ specific needs

d) Massage using pre-blended aromatherapy oils – to include choosing the correct pre-blended
aromatherapy oil to suit the clients’ specific treatment needs and skin type and adapting the
massage to suit the client’s treatment needs

e) Spa treatments – to include carrying out relevant tests, using products, equipment and techniques to suit client’s treatment needs such as exfoliation, body masks/wraps, sauna, steam, jet shower and hydrotherapy baths

f) Monitoring and maintaining spa areas – to include following manufacturers’ instructions, adhering to health and safety working practices, carrying out tests on equipment, monitoring the spa environment and monitoring client safety and well-being

g) Explore the origins of massage and principles of complementary and alternative therapies

h) Working with colleagues within beauty related industries

i) Display stock to promote sales in the salon

j) Apply Stone Therapy Massage

5- ITEC level 3 Certificate in Epilation
Perform Epilation – to include carrying out skin and hair analysis and using products, tools, equipment and techniques to suit the client’s treatment needs


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