Methods of Access

An individual has the right to access both Personal and Non-Personal Information held by WWETB via the following methods.  Please click on individual headings below for further information:


Personal Information

An individual must apply in writing.  They must provide sufficient information to assist in locating their records, including: date of birth, current and previous addresses, any contacts they had with specific services and approximate dates.  WWETB will need to verify by appropriate means the identity of an individual.  They may be asked for proof of identity, for example providing a copy of current passport or driver’s license (or other suitable identification).     This is to protect confidentiality.   There will usually be no charge for copies of personal records.  However, Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board have the right to charge for photocopying, if the quantity of records is very large. 


Non-Personal Information

Waterford and Wexford Educational and Training Board will endeavour to make available to the public up to date details of the policies and procedures under which it operates.  This information will be published on our website and may also be made available to individuals on request.  A requester may seek access to non-personal information and WWETB will process this request under the relevant policy.  An individual must apply in writing.  Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board have the right to charge for this service.   (See scale of charges within the Access to Information Section under FOI).



Where access to a record or information cannot be provided to you directly under administrative access, you will be informed of this and advised of the option of making an application under the FOI Act 2014.    Likewise, certain information maybe of such a sensitive nature that requests for access can only be dealt with under the FOI legislation. 


Other Mechanisms for Access to Records

Information and Records are the property of the agency of which they are held, i.e. the Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board and are kept under strict security and apart from the circumstances above, may only be removed from the Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board under the following conditions: –

  • Upon a Court Subpoena;
  • Search Warrant;
  • Court Orders;
  • Police Investigations;
  • Request and/or Investigation by the Information Commissioner or Ombudsman;
  • By an Officer authorised in writing by the Minister.


Current statutory provisions in Education/Health legislation may apply to disclosure of information.  Therefore, the release of such records/information will be made on the grounds of public interest and on the basis of upholding, enforcing and/or administering the law.