WWETB has extensive existing documented Quality Assurance Policy and Procedure in use in all our centres. In some cases this is based on existing legacy policy and procedure. However there is already a large degree of commonality and common documentation and procedures implemented across the amalgamated ETB, for example common IV/EA and RAP procedures, common Learner Appeals Policy and common Programme Delivery Development and Validation Policy.

Significant training has been provided for centre/programme managers, QA/QQI coordinator and learning practitioners over the past 2 years to ensure that everyone is aware of the assessment standards, policies, procedures and documentation in place in WWETB.

Common Assessment Process, Internal Verification, External Authentication and Results Approval Panel documentation, guidelines and templates exist for the FET programmes. Training centres and their second providers are still using the documentation developed for the TQAS.

WWETB has committed to the development of 1 common unified set of QA policies and the implementation of agreed appropriate programme/college/centre agreed procedures.