WWETB delivers QQI programmes developed to lead to major awards under the Common Awards System (CAS), which follow the model common in ETBs where a programme leading to a major award has a wide range of modules (in line with the award structure, as outlined in the award specification). Validation is sought from QQI for a programme on behalf of the entire ETB, with named centres identified for delivery. That programme may then be used in a range of courses, each with its own unique specialism and module selection, across a range of centres within the ETB.

Approval is sought from the FET Director for delivery of a course in a centre. WWETB manages programme delivery, development and approval through our Programme Delivery Development Validation Policy

Development of new Programmes and Modules

When the need for a new programme is identified, either at FET Management level, or at centre level in response to a locally-identified need, a proposal can be made to develop a programme or module from a QQI award specification. This proposal is currently made by a centre through the QA Officer to the QA Steering Group. Once the proposal for development has been approved, development may proceed, with appropriate training for the writers and evaluators involved in the development process. The Officer coordinates all stages of the development process, and after writing and screening is complete, the programme/ module is evaluated and approved by the WWETB Programme Approval Committee. Programme documentation for new programme developments has recently been amended in line with QQI’s new validation.

Amendments to existing programmes

When the need to amend the structure of existing programme is identified, a proposal can be made to add an additional module(s) to a programme under the existing 20% rule. This proposal is currently made by a centre through the QA Officer to the QA Steering Group. Once the proposal has been evaluated by the QA Team and approved by the QA Steering Group, notification of the change is made to QQI via QHelp and the amended programme descriptor is sent to QQI, upload to the WWETB repository and disseminated to all appropriate WWETB centres.

Approval for course/programme delivery by centres

A WWETB Centre must submit a ‘Programme / Module(s) Delivery Request Form’ for approval to the

WWETB Programme Approval Committee where it plans to:

  • access and deliver existing validated major awards for the first time
  • access and deliver existing validated programmes where that programme has not been delivered in-centre for the past five years

The PAC will firstly to review from a quality assurance, programme structure and validation perspective. Secondly, once the applications have been presented and reviewed from a QA viewpoint, the members of the QA Team leave the meeting if discussions around programme management and delivery issues are required.