Recruitment of staff for WWETB is managed by the Human Resources Department. National agreements and procedures apply to the various grades/descriptions of staff involved in FET delivery and WWETB applies these to the recruitment of all staff.
WWETB’s Statement of Strategy 2018-2022 has Continuing Profession Development as one of its key goals. A part of this strategy goal WWETB has committed to a number of actions;

  1. In line with work undertaken on Skills Needs Analysis, and to support staff in Performance Development, carry out a Training Needs Analysis for staff to support the functions within a modern, best in class education and training organisation
  2. Develop a CPD policy for the organisation and tailored training plans for staff, which support the professional development of staff, in particular in specific priority areas.
  3. Prioritise opportunities for professional development of staff with leadership roles and/or posts of responsibility within the organisation.
  4. Work with ETBI on the implementation of a Performance Management and Development System, to support staff and to enable opportunities for structured feedback (two-way)
  5. Introduce formal Induction Programme, with assigned mentor, for new staff and staff that have moved into new roles within the organisation.
  6. Develop an integrated and Scheme wide training and upskilling programme for teachers, including flexible on-line training and the use of Forums for sharing of knowledge, problem solving, and sharing of resources. 
  7. Introduce initiatives and activities to promote Team Building at all levels of the organisation.
  8. Provision of Youth Worker training that offers progression paths to participants to appropriate levels including QQI certification and to professional qualifications
  9. Develop a biannual Knowledge Exchange Forum for frontline volunteers and paid Youth Workers to share best practice
  10. Introduce restorative practices approach to managing conflict/issues arising across Centres and Schools.

WWETB is committed to appropriate Continuous Professional Development of all staff in Quality Assurance. We are engaged with the SOLAS QA PD Framework Development project and have representation on the technical working group for this project.
The QA Team are committed to the following in 2018:

  • Review and plan for the CPD needs of QA Team.
  • Plan QA Workshop for QA/QQI coordinators and provide training on new assessment handbooks and new QBS.
  • Ensure the continued in-centre training of staff where specific needs arise.