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Leaving Certificate Applied Year 2 ’24-’25

Leaving Certificate Programme Aim
The programme offers a broad curriculum that allows for a degree of specialisation for learners and seeks to provide learners with a high quality learning experience to prepare them for the world of work, for further and higher education and for successful personal lives, whatever that may entail for the individual learner.

The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

The Leaving Certificate Applied, is taken to prepare the student for working life. It consists of three elements. These are General Education, Vocational Education and Vocational Preparation. It is designed to emphasise areas of achievement and excellence which are not catered for by traditional academic programmes.

The Leaving Certificate Applied programme has been developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. This programme is part of the expanded senior cycle provision designed to cater for the diversity of participants’ needs.

For further information please see LCA Programme Statement. For further information please click on link http://www.curriculumonline.ie/senior-cycle

Duration of Leaving Certificate Programme
The duration of the Leaving Certificate Programme Cycle can vary from one to two years.
The Leaving Certificate Applied programme has evolved from curriculum development projects aimed at strengthening the technological/vocational options and the development of personal skills at senior cycle.

The following modules are published, national and available for scheduling by all ETB’s on the National Course Calendar for the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme. All module syllabi are designed as 180 hour courses of study

LCA01 Vocational Guidance Elective
LCA06 Social Education Elective
LCA08 Sign Language for the Deaf Community Elective
LCA09 Dance Elective
LCA10 Drama Elective
LCA11 Music Elective
LCA12 Visual Arts Elective
LCA13 Agriculture/Horticulture Elective
LCA16 Craft and Design Elective
LCA17 Engineering Elective
LCA18 Hair and Beauty Elective
LCA20 Office Administration & Customer Care Elective
LCA21 Technology Elective
LCA23 ICT Year 2 Elective
LCA24 French Elective
LCA25 Active Leisure Studies Elective
LCA26 Graphics and Construction Studies Elective
LCA27 Religious Education Elective
LCA28 Childcare and Community Care Elective
LCA29 Hotel Catering and Tourism Elective
LCA30 Science Elective
LCA31 ICT Year 1 Elective
LCA32 Leisure and Recreation Elective
LCA33 Mathematical Applications Elective
LCA35 Modern Languages Elective
LCA36 Gaeilge Chumarsáideach Elective
LCA37 English and Communication Elective

Target Award

Department of Education & Skills Leaving Certificate Applied – DESLCA

Start Date: 26-08-2024 Hours/week: 28 Hrs 00 Mins Duration: 40 weeks


Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Education Requirements
This Leaving Certificate course demands a high level of commitment from the learner and a good standard of reading, writing and maths is required. Having a Junior Certificate standard would be a definite advantage. Learners must have the capacity to work with others from diverse social, linguistic and cultural backgrounds; engage in critical and creative thinking and take responsibility for their own learning.

Age Requirements
Please see course details for minimum age requirements.


Learning Aptitude
Please refer to Department of Education website

Previous Experience
Please refer to Department of Education website

Module Award Body
Vocational Preparation & Guidance Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
Active Leisure Studies Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
Hotel Catering And Tourism Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
Introduction To Information And Communication Technology Year 2 Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
Leisure And Recreation Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
Mathematical Applications Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
Social Education Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
English And Communications Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
French Leaving Certificate Applied (DESLCA) Department of Education & Skills
Learning Outcomes
The Leaving Certificate Applied programmes recognises the talents of all participants and provides an opportunity for them to develop in terms of responsibility, self-esteem and self-knowledge. During this programme participants will also have the opportunity to develop communication and decision making skills to help them achieve a more independent and enterprising approach to learning and to life.

For further information on the Leaving Certificate Applied programme please see LCA Programme Statement at:


Subla Youthreach


Unit 3 , Block 1, Lacken Road Business Park , Waterford


  • Free Parking
  • Wheel Chair Access
  • Full Canteen

Contact Details

Course Contact:
Michael Sweeney


051 373833