Well done to WWETB Community Education on the creation of a series of insightful videos which they worked on with Stickyback Media for the ‘I Am Changed’ project.

I am Changed is a short film showcasing and celebrating a WWETB Community Education Programme delivered in Bunclody Further Education and Training Centre, Bunclody, Co. Wexford. A series of learner testimonials follow this overview piece which focuses on the positive impact the programme has had on everyone who took part. 


The background to the I am Changed film is like all good community education it started as a conversation around a table. In 2019 WWETB had identified the Bunclody area for additional further education and training provision. Many new initiatives started including 3 modules of a specific purpose certificate in Community Education. And as often happens when people start, they got comfortable with the centre, they got comfortable with the group and the learning – there was a hunger for more. And the 3 modules became 12 modules and a commitment to the Higher Certificate in Community Education and Development.

These films will showcase the transformative change of community education on individuals/families and communities.  From the first hesitant steps into the centre in Bunclody to the triumphant lightbulb moments of understanding new skills and knowledge.

I am Changed is a testament to the power of community-based education, resilience, and shared experiences The impact participation on this community education programme has had on our learners—their growth, their aspirations, and their unwavering commitment to learning.

The films will bring you on the learners’ journey and celebrates courage and commitment. We will see the diversity of learners all united by a desire for more knowledge. We will see that education does not stop with the individual, it radiates outward, touching families, neighborhoods, and entire communities. These learners are agents of change in their communities. They are Leaders, they are ambassadors, and they inspire on a daily basis.

Short Video Testimonials 

            Celina Hayden

            Jonathan King

            Lauren Brennan

            Michelle Doyle

            Enda Furlong

            Sally Murphy and Celine Cash

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