Mission Statement

Youthreach Wexford provides education, training and personal development.

We encourage students to realise their full potential in a caring, respectful and safe environment.

Youthreach Wexford

Whitemill Industrial Estate, Wexford, Y35 RX47

Mary Prendiville

(053) 9146448


Aims & Objectives

Aim 1

To provide the opportunity for students to engage in education and training


  • To provide a range of certified; QQI at level 2 & 3 and LCA, and non-certified courses on an ongoing basis

Aim 2

To integrate Language, Literacy and Numeracy throughout all aspects of the programme


  • To assess students’ Language, Literacy and Numeracy levels at entry stage
  • To provide access to LLN support programmes as the need arises
  • To integrate LLN in our programme plans on an annual basis

Aim 3

To develop the students personal and social skills


  • To deliver Personal and Interpersonal Skills at QQI level 3, SPHE and LCA Social Education on an ongoing basis
  • To continuously encourage a sense of personal responsibility through effective communication and the implementation of the code of behaviour
  • To continually provide opportunities for students to practise their social skills in a variety of settings

Aim 4

To instil a sense of personal, environmental and community responsibility in the individual student


  • To regularly provide students with an awareness of a healthy lifestyle
  • To provide programmes and activities that will encourage an appreciation of environment and community throughout the duration of the programme

Aim 5

To establish links and network with relevant agencies, organisations and stakeholders


  • To promote the centre at every available opportunity
  • To constantly strengthen relationships between parents/guardians and the centre
  • To develop effective means of communication with relevant stakeholders as required
  • To raise the student awareness of external supports that are available to them as required

Aim 6

Staff adopt a collaborative approach to fulfil the mission statement in a dignified and mutually respectful workplace


  • To give staff the opportunity to contribute to the development of the centre through participation in staff meetings, CPD, planning and evaluation sessions on an ongoing basis
  • To regularly communicate our needs and concerns regarding resources, facilities, supports and motivation to WWETB and expect a timely response

Aim 7

To create a caring, respectful, safe and suitable learning environment in the centre


  • To continuously adhere to National and WWETB Health and Safety legislation and WWETB policies and procedures
  • To collaboratively ensure a warm, positive and engaging atmosphere through the programme

Aim 8

To provide students with the knowledge and skills required to make the transition from Youthreach to Further and Higher Education, training, work and adult life


  • To deliver an LCA and QQI Work Experience programme annually
  • To support and supervise students while on work placements
  • To inform students of progression opportunities available to them as appropriate
  • To actively engage with relevant stakeholders and organisations to assist the students transition from the centre as required

Programmes & Provision

Leaving Certificate Applied

QQI Level 2 and 3

Literacy & Numeracy Provision


Extra Curricular Activities

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