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Who are we?

Music Generation Wexford (MG Wexford) is part of Music Generation, Ireland’s National Performance Music Education (PME) programme. Locally, the programme is co-funded by Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board and Wexford County Council. Nationally, initiated by Music Network, it is co-funded by U2, the Ireland Funds and the Department of Education and Skills.

Vision & Mission

MG Wexford aims to create access to performance music education so that every child can have the opportunity to engage with and progress through an excellent performance music education programme. It is our mission to create ways for the children and young people in County Wexford to make great music and experience the positive impact creative musical engagement can bring to their lives.

Performance Music Education

2018 – 2021 will see MG Wexford establish child-centred music-making programmes that will be delivered and facilitated by a team of professional musicians. MG Wexford will create access to subsidised PME in a range of settings throughout County Wexford to ensure and enable access for every child and young person regardless of their socio-economic background. MG Wexford will develop a high quality sustainable PME programme based on access and partnership, underpinned by continuous professional development of the professional musician team, clear open communications and mutual respect for those we work in partnership with.

Primary School Partners

MG Wexford plans to work in partnership with primary schools across County Wexford to facilitate and support the growth of PME programmes. MG Wexford will subsidise the cost of the tuition to deliver these programmes within the partner primary school environment.


MG Wexford is delighted to present two PME programmes available to primary school partners. These programmes are designed to create access to performance music education for every child in your school. Our PME programmes are designed to give MGW musicians the opportunity to work with the pupils over successive years. 

Children singing

Singing Programme

The MG Wexford singing programmes will involve the whole-class, designed to develop young participants’ musical skill and ability. Over the course of the programmes, children will develop knowledge and understanding of a range of musical concepts through singing and musical games. The singing programme will include differing styles of singing such as; traditional, choral, contemporary/pop, musical alongside methodologies such as Kodály.  Kodály is a widely researched method of quality performance music education that develops a deep understanding of musicianship over successive years of participation. It is an excellent foundation programme for pupils before moving onto more complex music experiences such as instrumental music or further vocal/choral development.

Instrumental Programme starting 2019

Our instrumental programmes are available in large group tuition and small group tuition. Where available, MG Wexford will provide instruments to children participating in the PME in primary school environments. Instrumental tuition will be delivered during the school day by MG Wexford’s team of highly skilled professional musicians.

Programming & Delivery 

MG Wexford programmes are designed to develop over successive years, with the aim of creating progressive pathways of learning for the children and young people as they grow. Programmes are delivered over 28 weeks across the academic year commencing in early September.

MG Wexford programmes engage with schools that are:

  • Committed to the development of a rich culture of performance music education for their school community
  • Enthusiastic and willing to continuously support and promote the development of children engaging in the programme within their school
  • Understanding and open to working in partnership with MG Wexford to create the best possible teaching and learning environments for MG Wexford musicians and the children

 MG Wexford services provide a range of supports including:

  • Work with schools to develop the best possible programme for the children
  • Subsidised music tuition delivered by MG Wexford team of professional musicians
  • Access to a wide range of instrument groups
  • Organisation, operation and administration management of programmes
  • Continued professional development of the MG Wexford team of professional musicians.

Music-Rich Schools

MG Wexford invites primary schools across County Wexford to register their interest in working with MG Wexford to develop music-rich schools and communities, bringing quality performance music education opportunities and experiences for the children and young people of County Wexford.


Tel: 053 9123799 / 087 996 8597

Email: musicgenerationwexford@wwetb.ie