Important announcement: 


The Scheme supports voluntary youth club/group activities for young people; with priority given to clubs/groups catering for young people aged 10 – 21. The primary focus of the Scheme is to assist local volunteer-led youth clubs/groups that provide a programme of youth work activities for young people.  In addition, other clubs/groups that work with young people, but are not specifically providing youth work, are also entitled to apply for funding under this scheme. Please note clubs/groups whose primary focus is sport are not eligible to receive funding under the terms of this Scheme. 


Information and Closing date:  

This year WWETB are using an Online Application Process through Click here to access link to Online Application Form 

The Application Process is now open and will close on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 12:00 PM. 

  • The form can be completed in more than one sitting. 
  • You will need to allow cookies (functional cookies only) to make an application. 
  • Click on next means all date up to that point is saved. 
  • Applicants can pass required questions but will not be able to submit the application until all required fields are complete. 
  • Where a choice needs to be made: Click in the box not on the drop-down menu button.
  • Once you complete an application you will receive a verification email, this has to be completed for applications to be submitted. Please ensure you check your spam/junk folders. 


Late applications will not be accepted. 



For direct support please contact Martin Fitzgerald – 086-3858781          

What is Youth Work …

Firstly all work with young people is NOT Youth Work.  Youth Work is non formal education and while work with young people focused on recreation or learning skills is valuable, Youth Work is based on a clear set of principles and is defined in the Youth Act 2001 and the Education and Training Board Act 2013 as:

…a planned programme of education designed for the purpose of aiding and enhancing the personal and social development of young persons through their voluntary involvement which is –

–(a) complementary to their formal, academic and vocational education and training; and

–(b) provided primarily by voluntary organisations.

Core Principles of Youth Work are…

  1. Young person-centered, recognising the rights of young people and holding as central their active and voluntary participation.
  2. Committed to ensuring and promoting the safety and well-being of young people.
  3. Educational and developmental.
  4. Committed to ensuring and promoting equality and inclusiveness in all its dealings with young people and adults.
  5. Dedicated to the provision of quality youth work and committed to continuous improvement

What is role of WWETB in Youth Work ….

The role is laid down in the ETB Act 2013 which gives the Board a legislative responsibility in relation to Youth Work in Ireland.  These are to: support the:
provision, coordination, administration and assessment of Youth Work services in its functional area.

Practical supports that the ETB provide in include:

  • Annual local youth club grant 
  • Occasional grants for equipment and small capitals work
  • Occasional youth employability initiative funding and grants for work with the LGBTI+ community
  • Information on starting a youth work club or group
  • Support on the Quality Standards for youth clubs and projects
  • Certified Youth Work Training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Direction and access to Youth Work programme material 

Regina Butler, Youth Officer
WWETB Youth Affairs,
Bunclody Further Education and Training Centre,
Ryland Road,
Bunclody, Co. Wexford. Y21 E7PO

Phone:086 065 2479


Martin Fitzgerald, Youth Officer
WWETB Youth Affairs,
Administrative Office,
Dungarvan Shopping Centre,
Dungarvan, Co Waterford.

Phone: 086 3858781

Cathy Drohan, Administrator
WWETB Youth Affairs,
Ozanam Street Further Education and Training Centre,
Ozanam Street,
Waterford City, Waterford.

Phone: 051 874911

Maria Lindell, Adult Education Officer acting
WWETB Youth Affairs,
Dungarvan Adult Education Centre 
Wolfe Tone Road, Fairlane, 

Dungarvan, Co. Waterford 


Sandra Waters , Youth Officer
Ozanam Street Further Education and Training Centre,
Ozanam Street,
Waterford City, Waterford.