All prospective candidates for appointment to a post with WWETB are required to undergo an assessment of their medical fitness. This is undertaken by Medmark Occupational Health. Candidates are screened initially by pre-employment medical questionnaire.
When received the pre-employment medical questionnaire is reviewed by the Occupational Health Service.

This will prompt the following actions:

  1. Occupational Health Service will issue notification to the employer confirming the candidate’s fitness for the post or
  2. Occupational Health Service will make contact with the candidate to clarify disclosed medical information. Once clarification is received notification regarding fitness to will issue to the employer or
  3. Occupational Health Service will request the candidate to attend for a pre-employment medical. The decision to request that a candidate attends is discretionary and based on the evaluation of the pre-employment medical questionnaire. Once the pre-employment medical is complete notification regarding fitness will issue to the employer.

Pre-employment medical assessments may on occasion result in the Occupational Health Service identifying reasonable accommodation requirements for those with a particular disability or may result in confirming fitness to teach with some restrictions on duties applied.