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Adult Educational Guidance and Information

The Adult Educational Guidance Service supports people in making educational, career and life choices. The service is free, confidential and impartial. The Guidance Counsellor will give space to reflect on skills, talents and aptitudes and to explore educational and work/career goals.

The Adult Guidance Information Officer can give up to date accurate and impartial information on education and training opportunities locally and nationally. They offer help in making course applications, funding supports, labour market information, qualification recognition and signposting to appropriate supports.

Start Date: 09-10-2023 Hours/week: 01 Hrs 00 Mins Duration: 52 weeks

Education Requirements

Age Requirements
The Adult Educational Guidance and Information Service is available to all people over 18 years of age and to those over 16 years and not in full time education

Learning Aptitude

Previous Experience

Module Award Body
Group Information & Guidance
One to One Adult Guidance & Information Appointment
Group Information & Guidance for ETB Learners
One to One Adult Guidance & Information Appointment for ETB Learners
• Facilitate adults in identifying their long term goals and how returning to education might
help them achieve them.
• Supports people to overcome barriers in order to progress to the next step.


Adult Guidance Service Waterford City


Waterford Adult Educational , W.I.T.College Street Campus, X91R156

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Course Contact:
Peter Lucey


051 302287