The Code of Practice for the Governance of ETBs (CL 02/2019) provides a framework for the application of best practice in corporate governance in Education and Training Boards.

The business of WWETB is conducted in accordance with this Code, which states that Board members and staff should be guided by its principles in meeting their responsibility to ensure that all of their activities meet the highest standards of corporate governance. The Code of Practice may be viewed at: Code of Practice for the Governance of Education and Training Boards

WWETB has also adopted a Code of Conduct by which its members are to be guided in the performance of their duties. This Code is available at: Code of Conduct for Members of Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board


Other Governance Boards

Section 45(1) of the Education and Training Boards Act, 2013, states that an ETB shall establish committees to examine and report the Boards’ financial matters and to assist in discharging the Board’s internal audit functions.

Circular Letter 02/2019 – Code of Practice for the Governance of Education and Training Boards also provides Terms of Reference for both the Audit and Finance Committees.

Audit Committee: The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring the Executive in the carrying out of its functions and provides assurances to the Committee as to the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control processes. It receives reports from management, external and internal audit. Internal audit reports go to the Audit Committee and it is required to meet annually with the external auditor (Comptroller and Auditor General).

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee has responsibility for reviewing the income/expenditure of the ETB’s. Minutes of the Finance Committee are received by WWETB for consideration and to assist in providing assurance that the education and service plans are being achieved.

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