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WYTEC General Learning 4M2010 Pathways to Apprenticeship – 2023/24

The programme is designed to provide training opportunities to raise competency levels of unemployed people, facilitating their progression to or towards labour market participation.

The programme aims to provide learners with the skill, knowledge and competence to obtain entry level employment or progress to further education and training while developing their key transferable and vocational employment related skills, appropriate to their identified career path. Programme content includes use of ICT applications, as well as communication skills, work experience and application of mathematical skills and a range of elective modules such as retail, security, childcare, ICT and horticulture.

This programme leads to a QQI Level 4 Major Award in General Learning.

Start Date: 24-06-2024 Hours/week: 28 Hrs 00 Mins Duration: 52 weeks


Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Education Requirements
Applicants seeking entry to the programme must have achieved a minimum of a QQI level 3 Major award or its equivalent prior to entry to the programme.

Age Requirements

Learning Aptitude
The programme will suit learners who have identified their career pathway and are seeking to further develop their key, employment related, transferable and vocational skills, knowledge and competence.

All participants on the programme must have received clearance through the Garda Vetting procedures before any engagement with children as part of their programme of training

Previous Experience
Alternatively, applicants may have achieved the equivalent standard of Knowledge, skill and competence through relevant work experience

Module Award Body
Communications (Community) Communications (4N0689) QQI
Functional Mathematics (Community) Functional Mathematics (4N2138) QQI
Information Technology Skills (Community) Information Technology Skills (4N1125) QQI
Laying Kerbs, Flags And Paviors (Community) Laying Kerbs, Flags & Paviors (4N2848) QQI
Personal Effectiveness (Community) Personal Effectiveness (4N1132) QQI
Work Experience (Community) Work Experience (4N1168) QQI
Woodcraft (Community) Woodcraft (4N3185) QQI
Construction Skills Construction Skills (3N0882) QQI
Data Entry (Community) Data Entry (4N1113) QQI
Computer Applications (4N1112) Computer Applications (4N1112) QQI
Customer Service (4N1989) Customer Service (4N1989) QQI
Technical Drawing – 4N1289 Technical Drawing (4N1289) QQI
Mathematics – 4N1987 Mathematics (4N1987) QQI
Traditional Stonewall Construction Traditional Stonewall Construction Skills (4N3131) QQI
Workplace Safety (4N1124) Workplace Safety (4N1124) QQI
Painting And Decorating 3N0562 Painting & Decorating (3N0562) QQI
Learners will be able to:

1. Demonstrate personal skills that enable them to be effective in familiar and unfamiliar social and
employment situations.

2. Display an ability to interact positively in the managed learning environment and/or the learner’s
individual work experience situation.

3. Communicate verbally and nonverbally in routine everyday tasks, and in work-related tasks while
under supervision.

4. Display an ability to resolve a moderate range of mathematical problems in the managed learning
environment and/or individual’s work experience situation.

5. Use a moderate range of information technology skills to apply known solutions to a range of
predictable problems in the managed learning environment or individual work experience

6. Demonstrate a moderate range of skill, knowledge and competence related to vocational areas as
identified by the learner in their selected elective choices as necessary for their chosen career




Ballinaneashagh, Cork Road, Waterford


  • Free Parking
  • Wheel Chair Access
  • Full Canteen

Contact Details

Course Contact:
Richard Grant