Employee Set Up form

All new hires are required to complete a new hire set up form. Please click here to access the new hire form.

Once complete, please return the Set Up form to vacancies@wwetb.ie

Statement of Service

Incremental credit may be awarded to staff members for relevant public service experience for the purposes of progression on the incremental salary scale. If you are transferring from an ETB or other public service body please ensure you provide a Statement of Service from your previous employer as this is to ensure you will be paid at the correct point of scale and to ensure you remain in the same pension scheme on the Post Primary Payroll.

Pension Information forms

  • If you have worked previously in the public service in the current calendar year you will need your previous employer to complete an ASC 45 form. This attached form should be sent to the Finance Payroll Department:  WWETB, ETB Training Centre, Waterford Industrial Park, Cork Road, Waterford, X91 PX02.
  • If you have other current public service employment you are required to submit the attached ASC 10 form to the Pensions Unit pensions@wwetb.ie
  • If you have been purchasing Notional service in your last employment you must contact the Pensions Officer immediately to ensure that this is continued or ceased according to your Scheme Membership at the date of commencement of this post. Email: pensions@wwetb.ie